Beccy Ahmad

Meet Beccy who when this video was filmed had been a member for 3 months. 
Beccy wasn’t doing much in terms of fitness before joining us, the most she would do was walk the dog. She has always been an active person but as time has gone on she has felt sluggish, unable to do what she wanted to do and has felt her self slowing down.
Beccy suffers with a bad knee and a bad back so general movement is limited for her which she felt stopped her doing things.
She knew she had made up excuses to not join a gym before such as ‘I don’t have the time’. She also always felt like she was putting people first. However it got to the point where she thought she needed to do something, put her self first and took it upon her self to get in contact with us.
Beccy like most people had fears about joining us. Also a previous experience at a gym had put her off and thought she would get that same feeling being back in a gym environment.
She had the fear of not being able to keep up with everyone, people looking at her judging her. Beccy soon realised MEE-FIT is/was not like that.
Beccy has become dedicated to her health and fitness just from taking that first leap with getting in contact with us.

We can help you get your fitness and motivation levels back and take back control of your health and energy levels