Brandon Platt

Meet Brandon. 

Prior to joining MEE-FIT, Brandon explained to us he was in a rut with his health and fitness. 

He works away a lot, always on the road and struggled, like so many people do, to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

When working away he'd be grabbing food on the go, have a meal in the evening and a few beers with colleagues and call it a night. 

When at home, he'd get home from work , flop down on the sofa and that would be his evening. 

He'd tried a number of times to get into a regular routine with his fitness on his own, but would usually lose motivation after a few weeks and feel like he's back to square one. 

Back in September Brandon reached out to us, booked a call and from there his life has transformed. 

The big fear he had before starting is he would invest into himself and lose motivation like he'd done numerous times before. 

But we assured him with the support and accountability we offer he couldn't fail. 

4 months on, Brandon is a different person. 

He's motivated more than ever before. He's getting into the gym regularly here with us. When he's away with work he's eating better and actually using the hotel gym or going out for a walk. 

He's lost weight, toned up, he's sleeping better and feeling happier in general - all in just over 4 months 

If you're sat on the fence right now, considering making a change but not sure you'll be able to commit check out Brandon's ending statement;

"If you're worried that you don't think you can do it, then I'm an example that you can do it, because that was me"

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