This time, we are placing the power in your hands. We felt testing previously was not very individualised and not of interest for the vast majority of our members. Moving forwards we want a more client-centric approach, where you decide which tests are valuable to you and/or what you want to focus on for the next 12 week training block.


Within one testing session you will have a choice to complete a maximum of 4 tests. You can pick alternative exercises if you wish, we've given these as typical examples;

  • Lower body 1, 3 or 5 rep max test - Deadlift or squat 
  • Upper body 1, 3 or 5 rep max test - Bench press or overhead press
  • Bodyweight as many reps as possible test - Chin up, pull up or press up
  • Cardio test - 10k BikeErg, 5k assault runner (treadmill) or 2k row

If you'd like to take part simply book your self into the testing session which appear on your TeamUp app during the next testing week. To be clear, you only need to book into 1 testing session, so book your other SGPT/team sessions as usual. 


We'm aware that often people don't want to do testing week. Some feel they won't perform as well as they have previously or their training hasn't been as consistent as it was before a previous testing week.

However, we'd encourage you not to think that way - testing week is about establishing where you're at right now so we can coach you more effectively across the next 12 weeks.

This is true no matter what level you are at or what goals you have as, if you don't know where you are you won't know if you are improving. Just as in life, there will be ups and downs with your training which is nothing to be embarrassed about or beat yourself up about. It happens to us all and testing week will help to pinpoint areas of focus for the next 12 week block.

We also appreciate this may be of no interest to some of our members, and if that's you then that's absolutely fine, simply book your SGPT and Team sessions as you normally would. There is no pressure to take part in testing week despite our encouragement to do so!

If you'd like to discuss which tests may be most suitable to you prior to testing week please reach out to your assigned coach.